Frequently asked questions


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Avoid!! Jumbo does not support any warranty for products brought outside our sales network or extend any warranty. The risk of having a faulty unit or a used product is very high!. Don't be caught with petty talks or deceive offers. Illegal importers don't pay import tax, handle fake or tampered products, they normally don't care for consumers' rights or brand. Hence they may turn on deceive offers and later put their stress or hassles on you. Always ask for and protect your rights!

1. Product serial number on the bill

2. Product warranty to be guaranteed.

3. PT number or security label on the product box.

4. You should be able to register your product online for any warranty claim


You can place the order online and products will be shipped next day via Canada post. (Excluding weekends and public holidays).


Naturally!! Charges like Cost of imports, tax, Import duties, Canadian manpower, operation overheads & UL certification are paid in USD. Hence the prices are different from India. 


No!! Warranty will be void for products imported from India.  Warranty is only covered for the products brought from Canada and through listed stores or bought online.


You can get in touch with us and Follow us on Social Media for deals and offers.


Buying from us. You have total peace of Mind!! 100% legit product. We issue an official bill with a serial number, Security label, and warranty,  service support, etc. 

What are the terms for returning the product?

Shipping & Return Policy

When the customer places an order, we will notify through email the tracking number and whether the product is shipped through the Canada Postal service. Depending on the customer’s location it takes at least 7 to 9 business days for the product to reach the customer. This handling time does not include the transit time for the orders placed. Weather delays include additional delays. Please check with us, before placing the order if you need to process the order sooner.

For any shipping damages, the customer should notify us within one week and the replacement part or product will be shipped free of cost to the customer after we receive the damaged product. The customer will not incur any additional shipping charges. If the replacement product or part is out of stock, we will notify the customer when we will receive it. The product or part will be shipped to the customer at the earliest we receive it.

Once the product is shipped, the customer cannot cancel the order and in case of any recall during in-transit, the customer will have to incur the charges of both sides which will also involve a 25% restocking fee. 

Within the warranty period, if the product needs to be serviced, the customer will bear the shipping charges to ship the product to the company. The customer needs to pack the product with packaging material like foam, and bubble wrap in its original box to the service center. The service center will bear the shipping charges to ship the product back to the customer.

Within Canada's 7-Day Returns, Refunds Policy

Unless otherwise stated, any purchase made directly from Jumbocanada Distribution Inc, online, may be returned within 7 days of receipt of the product for a full refund of the purchase price (less shipping and handling and restocking fees).

How To Return An Item

You must return the item within 7 days of receipt of the product along with the original receipt and a signed letter stating your full name, telephone number, address, and the reason for the return. The purchase invoice and proof of payment should be included with the returned product. The item returned must be in the original box with all the literature and spare parts in to evaluate and process the return. 

Return Exceptions

Merchandise not packed as per the original packing, used, excessively worn, used, or altered will not be accepted for return or exchange. Merchandise showing malicious physical damage is not covered under this policy.

Unless otherwise stated, shipping and handling charges are not refundable. You shall bear all expenses related to shipping charges on machines and/or parts. Spare parts like blades, couplers, machines without jars, etc are not covered under the return policy.

Restocking Fee

We reserve the right to include a $75: Return Fee, 25% restocking fee & 15% inspection, which would be deducted from the amount paid. If you have any questions about our return policy.

This policy is not to be confused with the manufacturer's warranty.

I received the product damaged, what to do?

Don't panic or worry!! The package is fully insured. Contact the carrier immediately. Get the claim reference number forward an email to us [email protected] and we will handle it from there. Your shipment is insured for the value you paid.

Is Vidiem a Good Brand?

5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent! Comment on leading platforms. Vidiem and Preethi are from the same founders Maya Appliances Ltd. 

Can I extend my local limited warranty?

This is a very common question we receive!!

Yes, Customers will get an auto notification email towards the expiry date of the 1st year warranty. 

You can pay and renew for another 11 months by clicking on the link in your email notification. 

Extended warranty does not cover to & fro shipping. 

I find my wet grinder is noisy?

If the load is less, the rollers rub with the stone base resulting in increased noise. Its always recommended using the right proportion of ingredients which results in lower noise and perfect grinding.

Do prices Change without notice?

We generally try not to; however, due to fluctuation in currency, import cost or an overhead increase may compel us to do so hence prices may change without prior notice.

Safety and Handling Terms?

We stress not to buy this powerful machine with extremely sharp blades if you are underage, not conscious or not thorough in handling the machine as per the guidelines set by the industry, manufacturer, distributor, and the laws of the country residing in.  Terms and Safe Usage is on our website and also available on manufacturer warranty booklet.  The Safety label with PT Number is also available on the box.

I have opened the box and used it , Can I return it ? OR Can I return the product after few months of using ?

Naturally not possible!! Unless there is a defect or manufacturing issue. However, there is an exception we make but that will include a restocking fee and scrapping out the unit from the inventory. This can range from 70% -80% of the value excluding the return freight cost. Hence make your decision wisely.

We generally do not accept any return after it is used. However, you may avail of warranty support if there is a manufacturer defect. In any circumstances product is agreed for a return then the company may decide on a recycle value which can range from 5-10% ( C$ 25). The customer will be responsible for shipping and other charges.

Is Jars / Blades / Couplers included in the warranty?

No! They are considered as parts that subject to wear and tear. These consumables are not covered for any warranty claim

I want to represent your product? How to go about it?

We would love to have you on our expansion team. Due to a strict pathway for becoming a dealer, we suggest you fill up the respective form and someone responsible will contact and take the discussion forward.

Is my data and payment secured?

We try hard to make all end of communication safe and secure. However, it not always possible for us to confirm that responsibility. You may look for the padlock on our pages and if it is on then you can be certain we have you on SSL encryption. In case you feel you are not comfortable we can take your order manually. 

Do you offer discount or installment schemes?

Discount!! Time to Time Yes. Check online or chase us on our FB page for announcements. Installment scheme you can discuss with your bank to break the payment for you in case you are going through a fine line like many during these hard times.

Why do I need to recycle my old product ? why cant a discount be offered straight ?

We are paying you to discard your old product properly rather than putting a burden on our mother earth by discarding them in a landfill.  Many nations buy these old machines for parts and then new parts are made from it. These re-cycle initiatives will help our environment. Help us to help you in return. 

I have problem and needs to be addressed?

We would like to learn and correct ourselves! please let us know by email or give us a call. 

Jars are leaking ?

Check for gaskets for food particles around it. Change the gasket if needed.

There is a Smell of varnish & why the sound is loud ?

The smell of varnish is quite natural for any new machine which may last up to 10-15 days, they often disappear after that. Now regarding sound, yes!! Between the models there is a sound decimal increase, some model screech some are smooth. Explore and research more on this over the internet and make appropriate decisions.  

Why rating so good and some rating not?

All fingers are not the same! The consumer has their right to raise their views fairly.  We consider each rating with respect and in case we run short on a rating we try hard to mend our flaws and improve on that.  Your honest rating will help us and keep us moving forward and serve the community.

Social Responsibilities?

We are committed to our mission to serve a nation, people in need, take care of the earth we live in.  There are many projects we associate with across the globe “Share, Care &  love to mankind".

Lead time of delivery?

3-4 working days ! This is a normal lead time projected by Canada Post across Canada. However, customers can track the status of their shipment using the carrier tracking link using the tracking number provided for the latest update and estimated delivery time.

Recall of a product ? How will it be communicated ?

For all recalls or any products that are subject to a recall determined by the manufacturers, customers will be notified to the customers by email through our automated system.  

I like a product; but out of stock; can I pre book them?

This happens all the time! If we are certain on the arrival of a particular product from the factory, you will find them online for purchase or pre-order them, in case you find it out of stock consider we don't have an estimated time on its arrival due to uncertainties.  

I could see most of the product are out of stock on your website, why is that?

Very challenging times!! getting products from manufacturers across the oceans in not an easy task these days. Shortage of man power, shortage of parts, port congestion, container being held at the port and awaiting clearance, transit delays, a lot more to add on.  Considering all these we have increased the stock level based on their salability inspite we have gone short of products due to overwhelming demands. 

Best way to reach customer support ?

By, email or phone or visit our showroom.

How do we handle Misuse of website, contents or abuse or defame?

Abuse or Misuse of website or contents, defame of product or brands!! Our attorneys handle their job very well!.  

I am located in a different province , how is the warranty being handled?

Our help is a call away!.  Returning procedures, Courier charges for return all will be advised once you open an RMA with us online

Parts availability how can I place an order?

We have a good inventory of key parts at all times. You can check them online and order them.

Parts shipment do I get a tracking number?

No one likes to be charged 6 times the cost of the product.  Parts for these grinders are too small and they are often dispatched by regular post. There is no tracking number unless consumer insists and pay extra for registered post.

Repair for products outside sales coverage?

Normally we don't! However, our team is kind-hearted and always to ready help if they can and will do troubleshooting with you to kick start the unit or fix a small issue.  They may advise you what to do next and you may decide accordingly.

How do I register my product online for warranty?

Please click on the link

Showroom timing and directions?

You may visit or call the respective dealer and get more details if they are not mentioned on our website.

Product availability with our trade partners or showrooms listed on website?

We always advise consumers to call respective dealers or showroom before heading straight to make a purchase. Check with them the availability of the product, timing, how to collect, and other details beforehand.

Had encountered any bad experience with a dealer or a showroom ?

Please write to us or call us? Let us know and we will take that matter seriously. Your reporting will help us to fix the problems from the roots

Do I have to switch the blade each time?

No! You don't have to change the blades. 3 Jars is for a specific purposes and it comes with respective blades. 

Which model is the best? Can we recommend?

All models run on 110v with a 550watt, however, the jar size and design are different from others. In addition, there is a different type of motors being used on the high-end model to give maximum efficiency on a low-power volt. To gauge the best model based on consumers feedback, the best bet would be to check the online reviews on marketplace websites then make appropriate decisions.

Do I get a discount from your dealer or showroom?

Pricing decided by the retail outlet is on the respective management decisions or their sole discretion. The consumer has the right to check with the respective manager or representative for any campaign or special price extension directly. 

Why there is price difference between online and the dealers?

Volume purchases by dealers and other pricing factors make those price differences.

Can I request for a speed delivery ?

Yes! Call us or write to us before placing an order. We will have to do your transaction manually consider the courier charges we receive from the carrier.

Why the prices are lower than market places?

Simple!! We are the exclusive distributors for these brands and we dictate the pricing. However, the resellers including the marketplace have a factor of commission which is approx 15-20%, and a return fee of 60% on the value, etc added to the cost pricing. Each re-seller and marketplace price has factors tailored to their policies and their desired margins. To protect our consumers from price gouging we have set the MRP ( maximum retail pricing on our official website)

Why the machine is heating and fuming?

Wrong usage!! Please read the manual / Information provided.

High-end units which include food processors require special attention. Speed 1 should only be used for food processing functions and speeds 2 and 3 for all grinding functions. The pulse feature can be used for both operations. Keeping this process will help your machine from overheating and possible breakdown. 

I haven't registered for a warranty, Can make a claim?

We would like you to register the product immediately on your purchase to enjoy the after-sales support.  Any claim from unregistered customers will be subject to approval. 

Jar or Accessory for damaged during purchase ?

In case you have found any defect during or soon after your purchase, inform the dealer or contact us for detailed instructions to avail replacement.

Dealer did not inform for registering online?

You cannot ignore the PT sticker which is clearly posted on the box, the instruction clearly indicates all important instructions and the importance of having your unit registered online immediately on purchase.

Can I return the unit which I bought from a different or unknown dealer?

That's your decision to make. 

I purchased online, I haven't received an invoice or notification?

There are instances mail can be delayed or moved to the junk folder. In case you haven't received we can assist you. Give us a call or send an email to [email protected]

What happens after I register for a warranty?

This is a step you have taken to inform us you have purchased the unit from an authorized place; we will match your details and validate them for our records. However, you should retain the purchase bill, original package with PT sticker for any claim. The warranty will be void if the machine is found opened or attempt to repair by anyone other than an authorized technician

What is covered in the warranty? What are exclusion?

Please refer to the warranty cards issued to you. A manufacturing defect is only covered under warranty. Normal wear and tear are not covered. Jars / cables / lids/ couplers / blades etc. are not covered in warranty. 

I have used the machine for a month or slightly more, there is a burning smell?

Varnish smell will last for 2-3 weeks but disappear. In case you feel the smell is bad and has increased then stop using it immediately and report the problem by raising an RMA request. Using the machine further is at your own risk. We urge you not to use the machine unless declared safe to use.

There is a couple of reason the burning smell can happen.

1. Bladed are bend or broken and not turning well.

2. Carbon brush or filters are clogged.

3. Amateure is damaged.

4. Couplers are stuck and not turning.

These are assumptions or possibilities. Technical experts will evaluate and will issue a report with their findings.


How do I send the unit for repair during the warranty period?

In all cases, only the machine is required to be sent once instructed in writing. The customer is required to pay for courier charges. In case it's found to manufacturing defect we will refund the courier charges and send you a replacement machine excluding jars. Turnaround time can vary case to case basis. 

In case the repair is done on the machine and sent back, the warranty will get void. Any future repairs will be subject to parts, labour, repair and back & forth courier charges. 

Can I claim warranty without the proof of purchase?

No! A commercial or Purchase bill with the serial number and PT details is mandatory for us to consider any warranty claims or support. 

My Grinder stopped working all of a sudden?

This happens when the load is more and your grinder has tripped the circuit. Please push the circuit reset button and turn the machine on. Most of the time it should work. Incase not you need to consider technical help.

I bought a mixer and not happy with the noise. Can I return it?

We do understand some of our grinders are loud and can be noisy, hence we urge consumers to research the product before buying. If the product is not used and it's in an unused condition the product can be returned within 1st 48hrs of purchase.  However, the restocking fee will be applied. Resellers' terms and conditions may also apply. Please send an email to [email protected] before returning the product.  If the product is used then the product cannot be returned. NO PRODUCTS RETURN WILL BE ACCEPTED IF IT'S NOT REGISTERED FOR WARRANTY WITH PURCHASE DETAILS.


If you have received any debit twice in your statement. Please contact us immediately. This can happen if you try to submit the purchase information multiple times. You may also send an email to [email protected]


We are open to hear all your concerns and address them in the best possible manner we can. In case we cannot we will advise you why and how can we best resolve them. Our motto is consumer satisfaction. Please call us or email to [email protected]

Equipment stopped working suddenly!

Don't worry!! these machines are equipped with a feature to shut down when the load is more to protect the motor. You can reset the machine by pressing the reset button beneath the unit while turning it on. In case you need assistance give us a call.

Why there is no sound warning label on the product ?

We cannot put that label on the box since the sound decimals are within the allowed parameters according to the manufacturers. However, safety and warning labels are affixed on each box with a PT number.  We have the consensus that you have accepted all terms once you register the product online.

I cant find my question in FAQ?

Please feel free to call us or send us your concerns or question to [email protected], our team will respond to you promptly. 

I am finding difficulty to register my product? Need Help!!

Please write to us [email protected] with your details and purchase details. Do let us know in the mail what sort of problem you have faced during the process.  In addition, you have to give us the declaration to register the product on your behalf.

Is it possible to purchase the product, specifically the Preethi Mixie Jar, at the location given?

You can buy the Mixie Jar from Scarbrough or Mississauga location. Call them beforehand to ensure they have them in their stock. If not you can place the order online.

Why there is a shipping charge for Parts?

Mixie Parts are considered to be vital and at times it's very crucial for a homemaker. Hence we need to consider fast shipping and Canada post charge min $15.00. If in case you don't want us to consider this option please send a mail to [email protected] and we can give you a code to avail of free shipping.

Do you have a physical location in GTA or is it only sold online?

You may visit the website and click on the store locator to find the nearest store. In case there is no stores near to you, please place the order online and we will ship it to you based on the availability and the lead time.

I have a problem with the unit brought and it's within the warranty, how do I make claim or return?

1. You must send us an email with the product registration details to [email protected]. A team will open a ticket and will advise you with an RMA and procedures.

2. If you have brought the product from authorized retail stores, you have to send an email with an attachment of your product registration, a brief on the complaint to [email protected]. Once we have this information we will generate an RMA and will inform you by email of the procedures.  


Can I put hot things in a blender or grinder?

DONT!! Hot liquid or Puree will expand in the blender or the jar, which can push the top lid off in great pressure which can result in Mess and severe burns or injuries.

Following things you should never do :

Why don't I see machine with higher wattage or above 550W?

550watts is still powerful and the right wattage for all food preparation. Extra wattage is required for industrial size jar and usage. For a jar size of max (1.75ltr), the ideal watts required is 550w on a 110v cycle. In addition, as the power goes up the sound parameters also increase. Hence this is something consumers should keep in mind.

Why my grinder is overheating and producing smoke?

The appliance may produce some smoke when you use it for the first time. It is normal for a new product to produce an unpleasant smell or emit some smoke when it is first used. This phenomenon stops after you have used the appliance a few times. The appliance may have been running for too long

However, to avoid any motor being burned out we recommend the correct usage to prevent overheating/unpleasant smells or emitting some smoke.

In case of any events leading to this please stop using the machine and contact the support line for assistance. Do Not Use the machine in case of any smoke or any signs of overheating. Never leave the machine unattended. 

What if the purchased model or brand is discontinued or out of stock but still in warranty?

A substitute product will be offered at the point of sale if any item is out of stock.

In case of discontinuation, A replacement product either from the same brand or a different will be assigned as a warranty substitute when the current item becomes temporarily or permanently unavailable.

What happens if no PT CODE is not found/ lost when registering for the warranty?

PT CODE (please refer. to the WARNING LABEL on the box) to locate: To register the warranty, PT CODE is required and cannot be registered in case the customer loses it. 

If no PT CODE is found, please contact your point of purchase (Support service) to register the warranty. Please refer to their terms & conditions when registering. An extended warranty can also be availed from the support service providers.

What if the new machine received stops working or trips while initial moments of use?

Do not worry, Units delivered may have shaken while transporting and the machine may go into protective mode, please plug in and press the RESET Button simultaneously to restart the machine. 

Please explain Door to Door Delivery?

Usually, we pay our logistics partner Canada Post for Door to Door Delivery, however, in the case of Condos in Canada, Canada Post may drop in a Pick-Up Slip over the reception or PO Box. This is an added security as the unit is expensive and cannot fit into a smaller PO Box, hence they drop it at your nearest location for you to pick it up. 

Kindly carry a valid ID when going to Canada Post to pick up your product.

What happens when if item is damaged or lost with the Carrier?

1. Open a case ID with the carrier and the seller immediately. Obtain the case ID

2. Report with the following information 

--> Contact Information of buyer:

- Full Name 

- Complete address 

- contact number

- Email ID 

--> Purchase Information 

- Purchase from

- Purchased Item 

- Purchase value 

- Purchased date

- Ship to Address 

- Attach the purchase invoice 

- Carrier: AWB or Tracking details

Case details :

- Item Damage ( Clear pictures of received box / internal box/items found damaged)

- Item lost 

Customers' detailed comments :

Once this information is received, the seller will liaise with the carrier and will assist in the process for a resolution.


Please tear off the wrap or sleeve for EVA TWIN & VICTOR and you will the warning label with the PT number on the brown box.” Never throw the box without registering the product as instructed. PT number is required for all communication with us in relation to your purchase.  

Is the mixer grinder Jars dishwasher safe ?

No!! Jars and blades are made of stainless steel. However, the shaft which holds the blade may attract rust due to cleaning chemicals and high-pressure cleaning. Hence we suggest washing the Jar manually after each use with caution and keeping them dry and clean at all times.

Preethi Warranty Registration is not available?

From May 2023, all Preethi Products are revoked from warranty support or repair as it is not coming pre-warranty from the supplier (Preethi India)!!

What does the warranty cover for WET GRINDER?

The warranty covers the motor of the wet grinder. Any malfunction or defects in the motor will be addressed under the warranty terms.

What is not covered under the warranty for WET GRINDER?

Components other than the motor, such as the grinding stones, body, attachments, or any external accessories, are not covered under the warranty.

Can I extend the warranty to cover other parts of the wet grinder?

At present, the warranty extension is not available for other parts of the wet grinder. The warranty strictly remains applicable to the motor only.

How long is the warranty period for the motor?

The warranty period for the motor varies depending on the model of the wet grinder for 1 Year Only.

Are there any conditions that void the warranty on the motor?

Yes, the warranty on the motor may be voided if the wet grinder is misused, modified, or serviced by unauthorized personnel. It is essential to adhere to the usage guidelines and maintenance instructions provided in the user manual to ensure the validity of the warranty.

. Is there any maintenance required to keep the Grinder's motor in good condition?

Regular cleaning and proper maintenance are essential to keep the motor in good condition. Avoid overloading the wet grinder, and ensure that it is used according to the instructions provided in the user manual. Additionally, periodic lubrication of the motor may be necessary as per the maintenance guidelines.