Stainless Steel 5.5-Liter Curve Pressure Cooker, Large, Silver

  • Model NameSW-44DK-3FJS
  • Net Weight (in Kg)
  • Product Dimensions (L)X(B)X(H) (in cm)30.5 X 30.5 X 25.4
  • AvailabilityPre Booking


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  • Volume: 5.5 Liter
  • Ergonomically designed handle; stainless steel capsule bottom
  • Body and lid made of premium quality stainless steel; unique bulged shape
  • Safety value; gasket release vent (GRV)
  • Induction hob compatible

Legal Disclaimer & Know your responsibility & Product Risk 

If the buyer buys and uses it for any activity other than described purposes, the buyer assumes all risks and responsibilities that may result from the misuse of the product. Buyer agrees on the full responsibility for product and safety measures. The buyer has the right to check the product before accepting it to the fullest satisfaction.

Read all enclosed information.

Caution: The purchaser and user should conform to all laws governing small appliances' safety standards/ use and other laws applicable by regional or country before the ownership of this product. We advise you to buy this product at your risk and at your sole discretion. Buyer agrees to have liability insurance to cover all personal and property risk coverage. The manufacturer or their representatives will or is not liable for any claim whatsoever.

When using pressure cookers, basic safety precautions should always be followed:

Do not touch hot surfaces. Use handles and potholders. Close supervision is necessary when the pressure cooker/canner is used near children. Do not place the pressure cooker/canner in a heated oven. Extreme caution must be used when moving a pressure cooker/canner containing hot liquids. Do not use pressure cooker/canner other than intended use. This appliance cooks under pressure. Improper use may result in scalding injury. Make certain the unit is properly closed before operating.

See Operating Instructions provided in the box

1. Never fill the unit over % full when cooking; however, when cooking foods that expand such as dried fruits, or vegetables, the unit must never be over % full. One-half full means the food, as well as all other ingredients and liquids combined.

2. Do not cook foods such as applesauce, beans, cranberries, pearl barley, oatmeal or other cereals, rice, split peas, noodles, macaroni, rhubarb, or spaghetti. These foods tend to foam, froth, and sputter, and may block the pressure release device (steam vent). 

3. Always check the pressure release devices for clogging before use.

4. Do not open the pressure cooker/canner until the unit has cooled and internal pressure has been

released. The gauge should read zero at this time. Remove pressure regulator weight. Any pressure in the cooker can be hazardous. 

5. Do not use this pressure cooker/canner for pressure frying with oil (broasting).

6. Always make sure that the pressure regulator weight vent pipe opening is clean and you can see

through it. 

7. Never loosen wing nuts until the steam pressure gauge registers zero and you have allowed any

remaining pressure to escape by removing the Pressure Regulator Weight.

8. Do not subject your cooker/canner to sudden extreme temperature changes as this will cause expansion or contraction which can crack a cast aluminum utensil. Do not move a cooker from a cold storage area directly onto a hot flame or element. Do not add cold water to a cooker/canner

which has boiled dry and is still hot. Do not cool a hot cooker/canner suddenly by pouring cold water on it or wrapping cold wet towels around it.

9. When normal operating pressure is reached, turn the heat down so all the liquid, which creates steam, does not vent out.

10. Be sure that handles are assembled and fastened properly before each use. Cracked, broken or

charred handles should and must be replaced.

11. Pressure Cooker/Canners are MAY NOT BE recommended for use on glass top/flat ranges / Check on manufacturer manual before use, because its weight may cause the glass/ceramic to break. The diameter of the canner is also larger than most burners and may cause heat to transfer outward and damage the surrounding surface.

12. Always keep a safe distance and be aware of the danger at all times when using pressured vessels. 

13. Open the pressure cooker once the vessel is completely cooled and de-pressured.

14. In no event shall our company be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, special consequential damages, to property or life, whatsoever arising out of or connected with the use or misuse of this product.

Important Information and Legal Disclaimer:

Using a Pressure Cooker or any pressured vessel involves an element of risk, hence we advise you to consider all safety measures to safeguard personal & Property safety. We highly recommend using enough common sense, reading safety information, product information, safety labels, and other literature provided or available on websites or other portals of manufacturers. Before using the product, the user undertakes all or full responsibility of any risk or all risk to self and others or property. The manufacturer or any associate or parties is free from any claim or whatsoever

  • 30.5 X 30.5 X 25
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